The Minnesota Neuropathy Association (MNA) provides support and education to more than 300 members through monthly meetings, newsletters and special conferences. MNA is a non-profit organization that operates with the generous support of our members. We have no paid staff and we appreciate all our great volunteers. 100% of dues and donations go toward monthly mailings, newsletters and MNA initiatives. MNA is a research partner with the University of Minnesota and their Medical Foundation. We are currently helping to fund neuropathy research and many exciting studies are underway.

How can we help you?

  • The Minnesota Neuropathy Association provides each member with a handbook, after a first time contribution.  It is filled with descriptions of the conditions and symptoms of the disease, possible treatments to help with pain management and physical therapy options that are known to improve quality of life both for those living with the disease and caregivers. This handbook can give you a better understanding of the known variations in this disease and what you will need to know to achieve the best possible diagnosis of your given condition.
  • The monthly meetings afford you a chance to meet with others with neuropathy and their caregivers for one-on-one exchanges of information and an opportunity to learn about the latest research and treatments.
  • This website will provide names and contact information for association board members. It will present latest meeting information for local chapters and webinars that may be at national level to keep you informed how you can learn more about options for living with this disease. We will provide recaps of webinars and meetings as possible. We will consider posting information you may submit for all assciation members once the board has reviewed and approved it as appropriate.
  • This association is very careful about supporting treatment methods since those with neuropathy are in a vulnerable position in seeking valid and effective options. Some of the treatments proposed to help with pain reduction may work for some and not others, and the link between successful and unsuccessful results may not be currently understood through common diagnosis. Some of the testing and treatments currently offered are quite costly and may not be covered by insurance.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Board Members:

  • Lois Martin, President
  • Michael Boland, Vice President
  • Ron Marien
  • Marilynn Martinson
  • Marilyn & Marty Beer
  • Mary McLeod
  • Connie Schramm
  • Treasurer: Myron Martin
  • Webmaster: John Bishop